NEW! Guest Book in a Bottle

Message In A Bottle Guest Book

NEW ~ Guest Book Message in a Bottle

This Message in a Bottle is a beautiful decorative alternative to the traditional guest book.  Up to 100 guests can sign in on a decorative scroll (included) instead of a regular page-bound guest book.  After the wedding, simply roll the scroll, insert it into the bottle and seal it with the glass and cork stopper.  The bottle displays beautifully on a bookshelf, hutch, fireplace or wall shelf;  solving the age-old problem of where to put the guest book after the wedding.  Personalize your keepsake by tying the scroll with a ribbon or lace from the wedding, or add a charm for a whimsical touch.  Your memories will be beautifully preserved and displayed for years to come;  priced at just $59.98 including guest scroll, bottle and stopper.

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